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Introducing.... Squee! @ 2001-02-06

Well, well, well. Look who's jumped aboard the online-diary bandwagon!

Well, a few of my friends seemed to be getting some sort of fulfillment (or anguish) from these things. Plus, I'm told that most people can live an entire lifetime without ever being bitten by a pigeon, so my life must be somewhat exciting. And either way, I'm sure that there's someone who's interested enough in my escapades to read about them.

So, now that I've tricked the Nice Diaryland People into telling me my password (I don't understand why they didn't trust me enough to share it with me in the first place) I shall enlighten you all.

If you don't know me, well, nice to meet you. I love meeting people. Some of my best friends are online acquaintances. Not that I don't have real life friends, too. I'm sure if you don't know them already, you'll gain some insight as to who these people are.

A bit about meself: I be Squee. You may have guessed that that's not my actual given birth-certificate name. But for all intents and purposes, it will do. If you want to know my formal name, ask me and I might tell or I might give you a series of clues that will bring you farther away than you started, depending on my mood. I may have made some wonderful internet friends, but I don't want any ol' creep to be able to track me down with no effort. Truth to be told, I tend to go by "Squee" more and more these days. No, I'm not named after the comic strip character, but I am a big fan of Jhonen Vasquez. Yaaaaaaaaaay Jhonen!

I'm an aspiring musician/artist who has as of yet not written a song nor learned to play the guitar, but I'm working on both. I do have a few actual jobs, the main one being a high school student. Quite frankly, I'm sick of that. The other ones involve making pizza for rich people, cleaning up after and feeding wild animals and doing gofer tasks for a prominent local musician/producer, though I don't see much of him. He's supposed to call me today or tomorrow to come in and work or not to come in and work, and if he doesn't call me I won't be terribly happy about it. I have more productive things to be doing on a Wednesday afternoon than sitting at home waiting for a phone call that doesn't come.

But I love him dearly, of course.

Spirit of the West rocks. That's my choice of music for the moment. If anyone reading is familiar with the song "(Putting Up With) The Joneses" and knows what exactly it referrs to, please speak up. That song bothers me like some kind of old and probably British sci-fi story the likes of which one studies in high school English class.

The present indicative is a wonderful tense. If ever you may be wondering, yes, English is my first language. Thus I give myself the right to mangle it. As I mentioned, I am a Vasquez fan.

I be verbose right now.

Actually, I finish being verbose right now. I most likely become verbose later and I make more typey noises at the world. 2003